Recover From Heroin Overdoses with Addiction Treatment Centres

According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, the number of deaths related to heroin overdoses, increased by 600% over the last 10 years. Hence, it is important for the people to understand the signs of heroin overdose at the right time and save a person from facing serious consequences.

Do you know someone who is addicted to heroin? Then you can take them to leading addiction treatment centres and get them treated for their addiction. Treatment is necessary because studies have shown that too much of drug abuse can lead to an overdose. Sometimes overdose of the heroin drug can even lead to accidental death of the person.

addiction treatment centres

Heroin Addiction

According to a study 21% people who use heroin get dependent to it. If people continue to take heroin it can have serious effects on the health of a person. It affects the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system.

Making a person to quit their heroin addiction can be a challenging task. It exposes an addict to physical and mental challenges. Here, one thing that must be kept in one’s mind that an addict can’t be forced to quit the drug and enroll for their addiction treatment unless they have made their mind to quit it.

Understanding Signs of Heroin Overdoses

Addiction treatment centres can help the family of a heroin addict to easily understand the signs of heroin addiction and overdose. They are:

  • Inability to gain consciousness
  • Very slow and weak heart beat
  • Very slow breathing
  • Disorientation

In case, any one has taken an overdose of heroin, it is important to seek immediate help from medical experts. In fact, they should be taken to addiction treatment facilities.

How The Treatment Centres Help?addiction treatment centre

A wide variety of treatment programs are available for heroin addicts and overdose including medications and behavioral therapies. Any kind of treatment program tries to focus on bringing back degree of normalcy in the functioning of the brain and behavior. Research has shown that medical assisted detox when combined with medications and behavioral therapy can be far more effective in treating an addict.

For this, one can take the help of addiction treatment centres. At the centre when an addict with signs of overdose, comes under the care of a medical professional, may be provided with certain medications like Naloxone. It can help to reduce and alter all signs of overdose symptoms.

Basically, the addict is made to go through a detox process. The detox process gets rid of the harmful drugs from the body and increase the comfort and safety level of the patient. At this point medical professionals of addiction treatment centres can help to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Once the addict has recovered from the overdose, an inpatient heroin rehab program starts. The addicts are taught various skills so that they don’t relapse back. Through counseling the root cause of addiction is addressed. Family and group therapies help addicts to recover at a fast rate. With right support they can stay away from the drugs.

Once a heroin addict comes out from the rehab programs provided by addiction treatment centres, they can lead a clean, sober life free from heroin.